Strategies for Starting A Great Blog

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Are you really ready to start a blog?

Starting a professional blog is not too hard to do, but you must be ready to spend time and also few Dollars to get starting.

Below, I have tried to share with you the few things I know about this.The 5 simple steps in starting a blog will help you fast track this and start making money online very fast.

Decide the niche (I will recommend a niche you have knowledge/experience)
Do a search for a domain name, register it and get a host, you can do that here
Install CMS preferably WordPress via your cpanel
Get and Install a mobile freely theme useful plugins
Write and Promote your site.

These are the basics when you have an idea to start a blog.

Let’s Start By Asking This Question!
Why are you starting this blog?

Of course! This would be another source get some extra income in your pocket. However, there are many different reasons to start a blog.

It would be your hobby, some want to expand their online business reach and some people just looking to share their knowledge on the internet.

I found most of the new bloggers have passion about the topic on which they are starting a blog along with the aim to make some money with their blog by advertising on their blog, selling their products or services.

So, you need to find out your reason to start a blog!!!

Getting Started
Choose a Domain and Hosting

First of all you need to choose a good domain name that describes your niche then we can go ahead to choose a hosting plan, these both are the basics to start a blog. On the very initial basis, you may go with the free blogging platforms like Blogger, WordPress or Tumblr it costs nothing, however, if you are very serious about blogging you must go with a self-hosted website and a premium .com, .org or .net domain name.

Click here How to Buy a Domain Name

Now it’s time to look around the most popular bloggers of your niche, check their working strategy and keywords they are following get rank in search engine ranking. Here are some of the popular hosting companies, you can choose your favorite one.


Generally there are three main elements are the part of a Blog:

CMS – that would be WordPress
Plugins – these will brings an easy interface to run your blog
Themes – the design of your blog

Installing WordPress Themes and Plugins

WordPress is the largest content management system along with thousands of free and premium themes and plugins collection. There are a number of portals offering free and premium themes of different niches offering with easy customization options. Here are few of the portals from where you can get your desired WordPress Themes and Plugins.

For Free WordPress Themes:
Usually, I don’ recommend free them, but them, there free premium theme here I will love recommend in case you don’t have enough funds for a paid theme.

Find your favorite Free WordPress Themes Here.

For Premium WordPress


For WordPress Plugins

There’s only one reliable source for WordPress plugins which is plugin section. They have thousands of plugins for different purposes like social sharing, email subscription, blog security, making your site spam free and some important and specific tasks for different niches.

Read our current blog post about making your WordPress Blog Good to Great!
What Now?

So, the above steps make your work easy to setup a WordPress blog. However, after setting it up you can move back to the first step that why you are starting this blog.

Yes, it’s time to start searching, collecting, writing and publishing your content share on the internet using your own identity. This is a long time process to go ahead and needs a proper plan so, I suggest you to clear your way at the first step before moving forward.

Few things you must void

Don’t a allow distractions
Don’t copy contents
Don’t be too eager to make money


If you have more questions, lets talk about them here.



I am just a normal guy like everyone out there. I love blogging and helping other webmasters solve problems. I have been doing this for some years now.

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